Marlon Martinez, Double Bass

Colburn Conservatory of Music Marlon-Martinez-Circle

How did you choose your instrument?

I was determined to play the bass when I was a kid. I used to listen to various symphonic and jazz recordings, and was fascinated by the low resonance the bass makes, the size and look of the instrument. I grew interested in the rhythmic pulse and harmonic foundation the bass provides, and it has a unique voice of its own.

What piece are you most excited to play this upcoming season?

I am most excited to perform Mahler’s 5th Symphony. 

What have you learned from AYS so far and what are you hoping to gain from AYS in the future?

I learned from AYS that every individual in an orchestra matters just as much as a section leader. Everyone must play with leadership and play with the same passion to make the piece carry out emotions. I hope to experience many more beautiful moments with Maestro Alexander Treger this season, and contribute to the success and wide recognition of AYS as a creative, passionate ensemble.

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