Austin Berman, violin

The Colburn School

How did you choose your instrument?

My parents recognized at an early age that my older brother and I loved listening to and moving to music. When my parents introduced my brother to the cello, I I was determined to play an instrument as well. I chose the violin for its beautiful sound and its captivating capability in high registers.

What piece are you most excited to play this upcoming season?

I am particularly excited for our last AYS concert of the 2014/15 season as it includes two of my favorite works: Vitali’s Chaconne for violin and orchestra, and Schoenberg’s Verklarte Nacht. Verklarte Nacht is an especially moving piece written to a dark love poem and composed early in Schoenberg’s career (prior to his expiration of 12 tone music). Vitali’s Chaconne is a classic show-piece in the violin repertoire and its theme and variations require immense technical proficiency and communicate a variety of intense emotions.

What have you learned from AYS so far and what are you hoping to gain from AYS in the future?

I have had a wonderful time in AYS so far and it has been a pleasure to work with other college and conservatory musicians and, of course, Maestro Treger. The musical standard is high and I always enjoy hearing Maestro Treger’s interpretations and insights! I’m looking forward to a identically enjoyable and inspiring rest of the year in AYS.

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