Andrew Stenvall, percussion

University of Southern California Andrew-Stenvall-Circle

How did you choose your instrument?

When I was in 4th grade, I was given a choice of either piano or percussion and being interested in the louder of the two instruments, obviously leaned towards percussion.  At first though, I was only interested in playing drum set with a touring rock band.  Somehow classical music stole my attention through the years!

What piece are you most excited to play this upcoming season?

I am most excited for AYS’s first program, Mahler’s 5th symphony!

What have you learned from AYS so far and what are you hoping to gain from AYS in the future?

I have gained significant professional performing experience this past year with the symphony.  Everybody comes dedicated to the (early morning) rehearsals, and even though we rehearse with our collective schools throughout the week, the musicians and staff come extremely prepared with even more energy for the AYS! I look forward to this year with the ensemble because with many auditions coming up, it will be great to be in an environment that keeps me on my toes playing challenging repertoire on a weekly basis.

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