Alexandra Miller, principal flute

University of Southern CaliforniaAlex-Miller-Circle

How did you choose your instrument?

I was set on playing violin until our music teacher demonstrated all of the instruments; she warned us that if we were not careful, the violin could squeak-she then proceeded to play the most awful sounds the instrument could produce. I chose the flute, having no idea that the flute squeaks too.

What piece are you most excited to play this upcoming season?

It would have to be Shostakovich No. 6 and performing the Tamberg with one of the greats: Michael Sachs.

What have you learned from AYS so far and what are you hoping to gain from AYS in the future?

AYS has taught me how to play the many different roles in a section (learning to play Principal vs. Second, etc.) as well as much of the standard repertoire. I hope to build upon that experience, learning more of the greatest gems of the orchestral repertoire.

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