Alec Santamaria, viola

UCLA Alec-Santamaria-circle

How did you choose your instrument?

Having come from a musically inclined family, I started violin at age six, and first played the viola at age thirteen because of my love to try new things. I immediately fell in love with the tone and richness of the viola, and have played it almost exclusively ever since.

What piece are you most excited to play this upcoming season?

I can’t wait to play Mahler 5!

What have you learned from AYS so far and what are you hoping to gain from AYS in the future?

AYS has taught me that there is a particular advantage to playing with an orchestra of my peers; no matter what challenges come our way, we always embrace it and perform with a distinct youthful energy! I hope to continue with AYS for as long as I can, so I can keep this youthful energy and carry it through the rest of my musical career.

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