We’re very lucky to have a great group of volunteers who help us at the concerts, at the auditions, and in the office.

For example, this website is filled with the beautiful images from photographers Philip Holahan and Michael Bulbenko, who donated countless hours to documenting our training activities.

Our volunteers are a diverse group of music lovers of all ages. They are students engaged in community work, educators, working professionals, retirees, former affiliates, alumni, and friends and family of our musicians and staff. Together, they help us reach out to our audience, organize our growing music library, and make the concert experience friendly and welcoming.

If you would like to volunteer with us, call or send an e-mail and let us know your general availability, and if there are any particular projects you’d like to participate in. We look forward to talking with you!

Following is an incomplete list, as this group is growing fast.

Thank you to our 2017/18 Volunteers:

 Angel Acosta ♦︎  Irene Best ♦︎ Will Fossett ♦︎ Olli Haaskivi ♦︎ Laura Hartley  ♦︎
Sam Johnston  ♦︎  Eric Kirchhoff  ♦︎  Zach Leazer ♦︎ Elizabeth Lee ♦︎  Barbara Molloy ♦︎

Margo Neal   ♦︎   Mel Nguyen  ♦︎  Chelsea Rad  ♦︎  Gina Satriano  ♦︎
Kirby Shanklin  ♦︎  Susan Solis-Thiroux  ♦︎  Marcia Spies ♦︎  Janneke Straub  ♦︎
Jennifer Thiroux  ♦︎  Katie Thiroux  ♦︎  Stephen Thiroux  ♦︎  Vikki Vosbigian  ♦︎
Huck Walton  ♦︎  Jovon Washington