Over the past five decades, AYS has grown into an ensemble of exceptional quality that has transformed over 2,500 young musicians into world-class concert artists, and all of it was made possible through the generosity of our contributors – we wouldn’t be here today without them. Their support also makes our concerts free and accessible to everyone in the Los Angeles community, eliminating any financial barriers to experiencing the power and beauty of remarkable orchestral concerts. The following list includes gifts received between January 1, 2017 and January 7, 2018.

* Denotes AYS alum, parent, or staff

Gifts of $200,000 or above
Peter Mandell and Sarah Coade Mandell

Gifts of $50,000 or above
Krystyna and David Newman*

Gifts of $40,000 or above
Silvia and Kevin Dretzka
Beverly and Herb Gelfand

Gifts of $30,000 or above
Annica and James Newton Howard
Wendy and Ken Ruby
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Gifts of $20,000 or above
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation
Colburn Foundation
Flora L. Thornton Foundation
Saul Levine
Alison Liebes Gardner Hartig
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Theodore J. Slavin
The Ahmanson Foundation
The Rose Hills Foundation

Gifts over $15,000 or above
Mary Levin Cutler
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
Steven Linder and Michael Hanel
Ruth Flinkman and Ben Marandy
National Endowment for the Arts
Lady Alizia Gur Schrager

Gifts of $10,000 or above
Broadcast Music Inc (BMI)
Shoshana Claman* and Bill Sheinberg
Gorfaine Schwartz Agency
Jerry and Terri Kohl Foundation
Anne Akiko Meyers and Jason Subotky
Richard J. Rosenthal and Katherine Spillar
Geri Rotella* and Peter Rotter*
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
The JDS Fishing Foundation of The Dayton Foundation

Gifts of $7,500 or above
Thomas* and Christine Frisina
Wells Fargo Foundation
Anika Lorber
Linda and Maynard Brittan

Gifts of $5,000 or above
Irma and Benjamin F. Breslauer
The Flourish Foundation
Leo Buscaglia Foundation
Gretchen and Randy Newman
Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts
Lorraine and Sid Sheinberg
Steve and Pia Vai
John Williams
Marilyn Ziering
California Arts Council
James and Ilene Nathan
Sony Interactive Entertainment America

Gifts of $2,500 or above
Camille and Arnon Adar
Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation
Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund
Carol Heather Goldsmith
Annie Gross
Sue and Larry Hochberg
Michelle Horowitz
Sheila Krasnoff
Russ and Brenda Lemley
Judson and Patricia Mock
Lois Rosen
The Charles Schwab Foundation
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

Gifts of $1,500 or above
Lionel Bell
Irwin and Helgard Field
Sanford and Patricia Gage
Michael and Lisa Gaines
Carol S. Gee
Michael Giacchino
Wendy G. Glenn
Judi and Craig Huss*
Sonia Jean Luna
Anthony Nesburn and Christina Kenney
Joan and Fred Nicholas
David Papale
Elizabeth Pitcairn
Gertrude Pomish
Doreen Ringer Ross
Barbara and Lawrence Tenan
Isabel Thiroux* and Gina Satriano
Catherine Weary

Gifts of $1,000 or above
Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors
Dan Coleman
Craig Darian
Gail and Jim Ellis
Gloria Gold
Brian Grohl
Flo Robins and Dolph Kornblum
Lady’s Secret Foundation
Liquid Music, Inc.
Milken Family Foundation
Michael Napoli
Neil and Lisa Quateman
Laura and James Rosenwald
Cynthia Ruby and Chris Perdue
Debra Ruby and Eric Ellsworth
Brian Saliman and Laurence Matthews
Margery Simkin
Edna Weiss
James Williams and Marc Wenderoff

Gifts of $500 and above
Scott Dunn
Ray & Lorraine Friedman
Arlene Fishbach
Carolyn Fried
Robert and Mimi Gazzale
Danielle Gelber
Marion Goldenfeld
Ondine and George Gross
Marcia and Gary Hollander
Anthony Hudaverdi
Shulamit and Ephraim Katz
W. Stanley and Hendrina Lisiewicz
Rob Lotterstein and Phil Oster
Meyer Luskin
Margaret and Antonio Lysy
Arvind Manocha
Bridget McCarthy
Donna McCombs
Lawrence Mirisch
Margie and Liz Mullen
Margo Neal and Lavern H. Schenkelberg
Jay Rosen
Janet Salter
Kirby Shanklin
Gil Alexander Shorr
Elise Sinay Spilker
Susan Thiroux
The Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy
Hope Warner
Janice Yee and Mike Briggs
Jim and Lisa Zemezonak

Gifts of $250 and above
Robert C. Anderson
Elaine Avak
Paul and Jamie Berger
Peter Boyer
Jeffrey Brown
Center for Cultural Innovation
Donald Chang
June Claman
Joan and Albert Dorman
Jody Dunn
Linda Flinkman
Lee and Sue Gonsalves
Kirsten Goulde
Rebecca Hang and Brian Schuldt
Hiroshi and Yoshino Hara
Shari Hoffman
Scott Holtzman
Judith and Aaron Karasik
Flavia J. Kavanau
Nancy Knutsen
Jörg Kremer
Marlowe and Eric Lichtenfeld
Fred Manaster
René Mandel
King and Roberta Mendelsohn
Lisa Mueller
Max Mueller*
Joan Harding Newman
Linda Ornitz
James Owens
Julie and Sam Pakula
Frank Peters
Janelle and Jim Riley
George Roberts
Sharon and Sander Romick
Mindy Schultheis
Netta Shohet
Wesley Stevens
Lenore Sussman
Jerry and Judy Weissman
Jason Wigen
Stanley and Dorothy Wolpert

Gifts of $120 and above
Marco and Lisa Bacich
Homa and Harry Bald
Grace and Saul D. Bass
Sofiya and Dmitriy Bekkerman
Jian Chen and Xiangxiang Shawn Cao
Daniel De Leon
Sheryl Delrosario
Mike DeNapoli
George and Fran Denny
Lauren Dombrova
Sue Ellen Douglas
Ayala Fishman
Barry J. Forman
Elliot Goldberg
Michael Goldenberg and Felicity Palmer
Bruce and Shirley Gordon
Ralph and Caroline Grierson
Rachel Harms
Misagh Heidari
Adelle Heller
Jonathan Hofer
Chris Ishida
Jerome Joseph and Marcia Spies
Mary Louise Karpinski
Wallace and Barbara Korbin
Rosalie Kornblau
Igor Kukavica
Perry La Marca
Andrew Lan Elliott and Georgia Lawrence
Robert Emerson Main
Ann Messinger
David and Grace Millington
Lauren Mueller*
Sheryl Myerson
Edward A. Perez
Robert L. Potts
Jason Powers
Victoria B Pushee
Jim Reeves
Thomas Reinsel & Allison Elder
Mimi Rotter
Joseph and Rosalae Sasson
Elaine Schreiber
John and Christine Sells
Bruce Shragg
Myriam and Maurcio Silva
Bliss Siman
Leonty Soroka
Gilbert Stark
Lana Sternberg
Jun and Shizie Taira
Thang Nguyen
Mark Trost
Cliffton M. Tsai
Samuel Urcis and Marion Zola
Matthew Vander Wilt
Vida Vida
Laura Waisler
Pamela Anne Ward
Patty and Richard Wilson
Silvana R. Wise
Corey Witte
Judy Wurmbrand
Royce Younger
Zahava Zait
Richard Zinar

Gifts of $60 and above
Phyllis Abrams
Joni Alpert
Lynn and Harry A. Altman
Murray J. Aronson
Robert Baker
Stan Bartosiak
Dana Ben-Artzi
Franny Benitez
Mario Bodnia
Hugh Borax
Bennett Brown
Wendy Bryden
Bunnie and Jerome Sachs Family Foundation
Darlene Burton
Roxanne Christ-Deloitt
Manou Cohen
Renee Cruciani
Lisa and Eddie DeLena
Todd Felderstein
Ben Fielder
Nancy Lewis Finkelstein
Masha Fleissig
Charles Fonarow
Harriet Foster
Stan and Jacquelyn Gottlieb
Harry L. Green
Bruce Gridley
Angelita Guenther
Suzanne Harris
Leonard F. Herzog
Jerry Hoffman
Christine Jaquez
Helen and Isaac Kaplan
Sally Karbelnig
Alexandra Kochubey and Flora Verba
Martha Koplin
Helen Korngold
Kevin Kornoelje
Paul Kovich
Charles LeCroy III
Janet Lee
Ursula and Myron Levi
Miriam Linder
Alan Lowy
Juls Macalintal
Kate MacGregor
Maisie Mak
Marina Manor
Grant Martin
Robert and Debra McNeill
Bonelle and Morton Miller
Shoshana and Jaime Milstein
Eleanor Moscatel
Annemarie North
Elisa and Michael O’Hara*
Kurt Pfalzgraf
Judith R. Rafael
Mimi Rose
Patricia Rosenburg
Marvin Rosenthal
Juan Rosillo
Marcia Rosner
Winifred Rutter
Christa Schrott
Jack Scott
Michael Silverman
Don and Kathleen Silvers
Rosy Simitian
Harry Sondheim
Hoon and Kyung Sook Song
Linda Stagen
Richard Stoia
Mildred and Jerry M. Sudarsky
Billy Sullivan
Jutta Thorne
Eugene Tuch
Deborah Vukovitz
Elaine Weinstock
Connie Weiss
Freddie Wiedmann
Liam Wilt
Rika Yamada
Sandra Zaninovich
Lynn Ziman