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Meet Anna Vosbigian

2019 Citizen Musician Fellow The program for our 2019 Citizen Musician concert was selected by our 2018/19 Citizen Musician Fellow, Anna Vosbigian, to complete the ….

AYS at Bacchus LIVE in Pasadena

Sunday, April 14 This Sunday, the AYS String Quartet and Colburn Jazz Ensemble will be performing at Bacchus’ Kitchen in Pasadena. To reserve, call Bacchus ….

Travel with AYS

Get to know our AYS musicians! Read about where they dream of traveling in the world. “I would really like to go  to  the  Mediterranean,  ….

Meet the Musicians: Chris Fujiwara

Chris is a 26-year-old oboe player that is currently a graduate student at the University of Southern California. When did you start playing your instrument?When ….

Ms. Magazine Interviews Maestro Iscaray

Crosspost from Ms. Magazine. See OriginalOn February 23, a new vision for classical music will resound in Los Angeles.Susan Botti’s EchoTempo, a setting of Native American translations for ….

New AYS Blog

Dear AYS community, I’m very pleased to introduce AYS Amplifies, an ongoing series to amplify influential voices within our community.  Specifically, we aim to share ….