2016/17 Champions and Chair Namings

We want to thank our 2016/17 Champions, whose support is vital to the success of our mission.

Jane Wang Beck
Linda & Maynard Brittan
Silvia & Kevin Dretzka
Helgard & Irwin Field
Christine & Thomas Frisina
Lisa & Michael Gaines
Carol Heather Goldsmith
Annie Gross
Steve Linder & Michael Hanel
Liquid Music Inc.
Anika Lorber
Sarah & Peter Mandell
Ilene & James Nathan
Gretchen & Randy Newman
Krystyna & David Newman
Stephanie & Bradley Penenberg
Lois Rosen
Katherine Spillar & Richard J. Rosenthal
Geri Rotella & Peter Rotter
Wendy & Kenneth Ruby
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Alizia Gur Schrager
George and Christy Short
Colette & Michael Spencer
Isabel Thiroux


Chairs highlighted in red are named for the 2016/17 Season:

1. Gallia Kastner, The David Frisina Concertmaster Chair
2. Chandler Yu, The James & Ilene Nathan Assistant Concertmaster Chair
3. Nicole Sauder, The David Raksin Violin Chair
4. Natalie Yu, The Anika Lorber Principal Second Violin Chair
5. Stephanie Spencer, The Guillaume Sutre Second Violin Chair
6. JooHwi Kim, The LMSK Second Violin Chair
7. Keila Huss, The Richard Rintoul Viola Chair 
8. Carson Rick, The Carol Heather Goldsmith Viola Chair
9. Coleman Itzkoff, The Bonnie Hartman Principal Cello Chair
10. Dong Nyouk Sunrise Kim, The Lisa & Michael Gaines Assistant Principal Cello Chair
11. Tracy Lang, The James H. Warsaw Cello Chair
12. Daniel Lim, The Anne Warsaw Cello Chair in honor of her 100th birthday
13. Spencer Baldwin, The Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Principal Bass Chair
14. Sean O’Hara, The Bradley & Stephanie Penenberg Bass Chair
15. Elisabeth Zosseder, The Dretzka Family Harp Chair
16. Catherine Baker, The Janneke Straub Principal Flute Chair
17. Devan Jacuez, The Johnny Rotella Flute Chair
18. William Yeh, The Johnny Rotella Flute Chair
19. Taylor Marino, The Steven Linder & Michael Hanel Principal Clarinet Chair
20. Signe Somer, The Helgard Field Clarinet Chair
21. Lieza Hansen, The Sarah & Peter Mandell Co-Principal Bassoon Chair
22. Zachary Pulse, The Gretchen & Randy Newman Principal Oboe Chair
23. Marissa Honda, The Benny & Liliana Brittan English Horn Chair
24. Julian Zheng, Christine & Thomas Frisina Principal Horn Chair
25. Nicholas Robson, The Liquid Music Trumpet Chair
26. Bryce Shmidt, The Christy and George Short Trumpet Chair
27. Robinson Schulze, The Gretchen & Randy Newman Bass Trombone Chair
28. Thomas Feng, The Lady Alizia Gur Schrager Piano Chair
29. Brice Burton, The Henry Brittan & Maxwell Siemons Principal Percussion Chair
30. Wesley Strasser, The Annie Gross Principal Timpani Chair


Thank you to the following “Gift of Music” donors, (chairs highlighted in blue), who gave to support the chairs for one concert, in Spring 2017:


Benjamin Proudfoot
Lori Froeling
Catherine Weary